Wanita Tertinggi di USA dan di Dunia

This 23-year-old blonde is one of the tallest women in the USA and in the world. Lindsay Hayward is 6’9″ tall. Her weight is 240 pounds. She can easily spin a man over her head before throwing him across the room. Lindsay’s fans know her as professional wrestler, Isis who can leg press an astonishing 50st.

At the age of 9, Lindsay was 6ft tall, and by 13 years old she had shot to 6ft 9ins, her today’s height. Still, despite her attractive looks and 38G bra size, Lindsay has so far been unlucky in love. Would you date her?

This is how Lindsay (at the left) looked like when she was 11.

Wow ternyata banyak Raksasa di dunia ini.


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Satu Balasan ke Wanita Tertinggi di USA dan di Dunia

  1. Marhaban berkata:

    Klu kawin dgn lelaki bisa tinggi sprti apa ya

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